My name is Lynne, author of Social Work Stories With Heart and other romance novels. I’d like to share with you a bit about my journey and where my inspiration comes from. Please feel free to look around, read about my career that led to Social Work Stories With Heart and have a look at some of my artwork and hobbies.

I hope to give some sneek peeks and insights through my blog and of course get in touch with any of your experiences, gripes, compliments or just to say hi. All of my books are available to buy and review through Amazon but you can get them here too! And soon I will be uploading them to other platforms, let me know if yours is not yet available.

Just one thing, I’m running this website myself so please excuse the mistakes, like buttons on my books being all different. I’ll get round to sorting it out asap, Thanks for your understanding.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them.

Lynne  x

I love a story which combines an emotional journey with a feel good ending and this one certainly delivers! You can tell that the author has worked in the field and her passion for the subject matter really comes through in the writing too. Looking forward to the next one already.

Jo Bartlett

A great read. I really enjoyed this story although for some reason I didn’t really expect to! perhaps because there were no other reviews?

Anyway it was a good mix of social work- focused on a few cases only- so not all over the place and you could get to care what happened to the people- and the authors social life which was dealt with but not overdone. Hope there is more to come from this author.


My latest book

See how far along I am with my latest book! I update this progress bar so you can see how much I’ve done. Its a story about a fourteen year old girl who only ever said once that her grandfather had sexually abused her and said no more either to myself or any other professional. Yet we unearthed secrets that had lain dormant in that family for over thirty years and managed to keep our young lady, and several of her female relatives, safe for their future. It is a true story, but I’ve changed some parts so no-one reading it would recognise their tale.

First Draft
51% Complete
46,012 of 90,000 words


Social work fiction

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