Abandoned by My Mum

Abandoned by My Mum is the story of Chelsea’s self-discovery and the recognition that whilst not everyone has her best interests at heart, there are some people who care enough to convince her she’s worth the effort.

This book is a work of fiction, presented as a case study, but it is based on similar events that have happened to real people so the story has real feeling and authenticity.

Please Adopt Me
Please Adopt Me is the first social work story I’ve written. It is an emotional novel about two women’s search for a new life. Sometimes working with other people’s problems can bring you face to face with your own. Social Worker Louise Kimber takes a six month sabbatical working on a scottish island to help her get over the end of a relationship. The setting works its magic and Louise does some excellent work in mental health and child protection, but its her work with twelve year old Ellie that really stands out. Ellie has already been rejected by her mother and is about to loose her beloved Nan. Louise works with her and helps bring about a surprising change in the young woman’s life. But Louise still feels her emotional life is in tatters, yet it’s Ellie, who despite her age, has the wisdom to help her social worker turn her own life around.
Meant For Each Other
Meant for Each Other I wrote this book with my mother, you can read the details on another page. It was a lovely project when mum was poorly. Sadly they’re not on the shelves very long and I don’t think you can buy it now.