I worked as a Social Worker for 25 years before I retired due to ill health. ‘It’s a job which is challenging, yet brings moments of great joy and reward. Where else could you help an abused youngster find a forever family, help a perpetrator learn new life skills, help a runaway teenager to a more settled future?’ Now I write fiction based on my years in both child protection and mental health. Read about my work and see the passion I still have for my job.

I knew from a young age I wanted to work in the caring professions. I was ill quite a lot as a child and spent weeks in hospital. In those days they used to keep you in for observation, but that doesn’t happen anymore. I loved being in hospital, I loved the caring atmosphere and lapped up any medical information. I used to read a lot too. Coupled with the time I spent at my grandmother’s house and with family in Scotland these were the happiest times of my childhood.

My Career

Years in Nursing

Years in Social Work

Years Writing

When I left home I wanted to live in or near the country. My boyfriend then suggested we move to the West Country, so I ended up in Bristol, a city I still love as you can be right in the centre of town and still see fields. I began training as a nurse then had problems with my feet so I retrained as a social worker. I still had problems with my feet though it would be another decade until I was diagnosed.
I loved social work. People think social work is about taking babies away from parents but it’s much more about supporting people and is very rewarding. That’s why I write about social work, I enjoy the memories and hope it inspires others to join the profession.

Many of my books are about social work in some way, but I do occasionally write books with my mother. ‘Meant for Each Other,’ is one of these. I wrote it when mum was poorly, she had some great plot ideas and it was published by D.C.Thomson of Dundee in their pocket novel series. I write these books using my mother’s name, Margaret. It’s also my middle name so it’s especially appropriate. I use my ordinary name, Lynne Pardoe, for my social work books.