My Hobbies

You can’t do a job as demanding as social work, even if you are only writing about it, without needing some leisure time. I ride with Riding for the Disabled Association and am just learning dressage, which is like obedience on horseback. I find it really helps with what professionals call core stability, and stops me being too rigid in the middle. I love the feeling of having four sturdy feet beneath me and the ability to ride through open countryside without worrying about falling or pain in my hands & feet. I’m riding Beans in this photo, he is a highland pony. Some riders say I shouldn’t have my feet sticking outwards, but that’s the only way they’ll go, so I just have to make do.

All RDA groups are self-funding. I used to think they got money from their head office, but they don’t so I help fundraise where possible and have grown some plants to sell to raise money for them.

Me on Beans at Gatcombe Park event 2013 with RDA and my husband Andrew

I’m also on the committee for the local group of The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. It was started by William Morris in 1877, who was spurred on by Victorian ‘renovations’ of many ancient churches which resulted in many beautiful medieval interiors being ripped out and replaced with Victorian work.


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