Two of my favourite things, drawing and ancient buildings. See a few of them below and just how I got started and how I now have my own cards available to buy.

I love old buildings and as you’ll see from My Hobbies pages I organise a group of fellow enthusiasts and we go out looking at ancient buildings a few times a year. I’d always thought I’d love to draw so ages ago I thought I’d try drawing some of the beautiful old buildings of the country.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy, I have a tremor in my hands and my fingers stick in rigid positions (read more on this) that I can’t move a lot of the time but I was determined to try. So I equipped myself with a pencil, huge art board and a sepia ink coloured pen and off I went. It was summer so I found a place to sit in the sun, it was also near a florists, and I lapped up every detail of the buildings, noticing things that were easy to overlook in a quick glance. I really enjoyed it but I couldn’t stop my hands from shaking, both hands were just as bad so no swapping around. My fingers were rigid but I did manage to prop the pen in between them and managed to make a mark.
But as I looked at my work I rather liked it. The lines were certainly crooked and jumpy, you could see the tremor in the lines, not one of them were straight. Yet I rather liked it, not one of the buildings were straight either, but that was their beauty. I decided I liked them and I had them made into cards which I sell both here and in local outlets.

I don’t draw much now because it hurts so much and sometimes I can’t coax my fingers to hold a pen. But I will do when possible and I’ll post new pictures here.

You can buy my cards at £2.50 each including envelope. They are printed on Forestry Commission (FCS) approved paper and use biodegradeable cellophane.

Want more? You can buy 5 – 50 cards @ £2.00 each, over 50+ cards @ £1.80 each

UK postage is FREE! Charges apply outside UK.

My shop will be here soon, in the meantime just email me and we can arrange payment via PayPal.